Phone Calls

This page was updated Saturday, January 28, 2017

Recorded by Tommy –

My mother passed away 11/11-13

I was sitting and talking with my father, when his cell rang from a unknown number.
He answered and there was no one in the other end.
I looked to se if there was left message and there was one from my mother.
The message was:

Ja det er Inge (danish) – Yes it is Inge.
Jeg ringer igen, eller også kan du ringe (danish) – I will call again or you can call.
Hej hej.

1 hour and 36 minutes before the funeral my mother called my cell from her cell.
It was on silent mode so did not hear it when she called.
3 spirits left a message and what they said was:

Spirit 1 – Kan prøve igen (danish) – Can you try again?
Spirit 2 – Ja (danish) – Yes
Spirit 3 – Definitely can