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Zen Garden


Painting made in a altered state of consciousness.

Dreamer by Ozzy Osbourne




Zener cards are cards used to conduct experiments for extrasensory perception (ESP)

Toys that is put in sceance room for spirit children to play with

The Sanctuary at the Arthur Findlay College

Test with audio loop amplifier in a sceance room

Table tilting sceance with face of spirit

Spirit energy on painting

Son of the Sun

Small collection of orbs

Scrying - medium overshadowed one side of face and crystal - prism manifesting in mirror

Scotography - An image imprinted by spirits appearing on unexposed film

Sceance room

Orbs in sceance room

Orbs in sceance room

Orbs on there way to The Sanctuary at the Arthur Findlay College

Mega orbs with lightbeam

Medium disappearing during table tilting sceance

Manifistation - Apparition looking in thru window from outside sceance room

Sceance room

Sceance room

In a physical circle ectoplasmic rods are created and are used to move objects

House clearing for spirits

House clearing for spirits

Her a man committed suicide by hanging - you can se the face and the rope around his neck in the orb

Haunted location - energy in window

Enlarged Orb - is it a face of a dog ?

Sceance room

Energy in the sceance room

Ectoplasmic rod captured on camera at haunted location

Drawing of Leslie Flint Direct Voice Medium

Drawing of a group of spirits

Energy on hand during healing sceance

Sceance room

Two ghost standing on table.

Energy during sceance attended at Arthur Findlay College.
Taken with normal camera

Energy in the sceance room.